Implementation delayed for mandatory system for Canadian importation

CARM adoption delayed to Oct. 21, 2024

Apr 24, 2024

Executive summary

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announces Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) will become the official system of record used by importers and other trade chain partners in Oct. 21, 2024.

Implementation delayed for mandatory system for Canadian importation

The CBSA is in the process of introducing the CBSA CARM as the mandatory system of record to interact with the CBSA for commercial import shipments into Canada. To learn more about the CARM system and its potential implications for middle-market businesses, please see RSM’s article “New mandatory system for Canadian importation”. 

Originally slated to enter into use on May 13th, the CBSA has advised that the mandatory CARM adoption for importers and other trade chain partners will be delayed until Oct. 21, 2024. The CBSA cited as cause for the delay the potential impact on their operations should members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which represent over 9,000 employees of the CBSA, choose to strike. The Public Service Alliance of Canada launched a strike vote on April 10th.

Though the delay affords importers additional time to register for a CARM Client Portal (CCP) account and make related procedural changes, it is clear the CBSA intends to proceed with implementing CARM as the mandatory system of record. Those who import commercial goods into Canada should register their businesses in the CCP and delegate necessary authorities as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays and registration issues in October. Importers looking to use the Release Prior to Payment program should also ensure they are positioned to post the necessary security. For additional assistance with navigating the transition to CARM, please contact your RSM Canada trade advisory team.

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