The difference a team makes: Before and after SOX consulting

5 SOX compliance challenges and how to overcome

Aug 03, 2023
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Even if you’re well-versed in Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, running into problems with costs, timelines or quality is easier than you think. And if you’re just starting out with compliance work, you might not even know what to look out for before you’ve encountered multiple pitfalls.

At the heart of the problem is the costly, labor-intensive, and complex process inherent to SOX compliance. There is so much to do that inefficiencies can easily slip in without you even noticing. Costs and scope can creep upward quickly.

Five challenges in particular loom large

  • “Winging it” with an unstructured, ad hoc approach that leaves you stuck with too many consequences
  • Losing control of SOX compliance costs
  • Documentation strategies that leave compliance stakeholders unprepared and overwhelmed
  • “Let it ride” approaches to internal controls that put broader SOX compliance objectives at risk
  • Maintaining a chaotic and unsustainable testing process

There is a high chance your organization could improve substantially in at least one of those areas and probably more.

Giving you the tools you need

Our implementation guide, “The difference a team makes: Before and after SOX consulting,” goes through each of these five challenges to describe how they can set you back. More than that, though, it gives you diagnostic signs to better identify problem areas and tips for remedying issues. The guide also shines a spotlight on related topics and technologies like GRC tools and fraud assessment.

Strengthen your financial stewardship and keep shareholders informed and prepared by being more aware and in control of your SOX compliance—plus discover how the right advisory team can make that process more affordable and far easier.

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