Security alert: Using IAM to safeguard your organization’s data

Learn why identity and access management is your security foundation

Oct 17, 2023
Cybersecurity consulting

Four out of five data breaches can be connected to digital identity. That’s 80%. It’s a massive statistic, shining light on just how often cyber-attackers target you and your team. The way to combat it is with airtight identity and access management (IAM)—the foundation of your security.

Controlling who gets access to your data is the key to keeping all others out. Identity and access management provides a framework for monitoring and dictating who can access your sensitive information and systems. Unfortunately, many companies get a false sense of security from the cloud, believing that their data in the cloud is more secure. Others treat IAM as an afterthought and attempt to retrofit access management solutions after the fact.

Secure digital identity with RSM

RSM provides IAM assessment and strategy development. We focus on enabling your organization to securely achieve its business strategy and objectives using a three-pronged approach:


RSM’s IAM team has decades of real-world experience assessing and designing modern, scalable, and secure IAM strategies across all industries and sizes of organizations.


RSM’s team of certified and trained engineers implements and configures the leading IAM technologies in complex environments using proven methodologies to ensure success.


RSM’s IAM advisors can act as an extension of your existing team, from strategy, program management, project management, engineering, and daily support.

In our new e-book, we explore the importance of taking a strategic, holistic approach to digital identity, outlining some of the latest technologies driving the IAM evolution and sharing several leading practices to help you better manage your IAM.

Specific topics include:

  • IAM as an afterthought is a bad idea
  • A false sense of security in the cloud
  • The regulatory landscape
  • Choosing the right technology tool
  • Four digital identity trends to keep an eye on

Identity and access management requires constant attention. Persistence and diligence are critical to controlling who has access to your most sensitive information. Remember that 80% of data breaches can be connected to digital identity. Cyber-attackers are out there searching and probing for ways in. Maintain your IAM and keep attackers at bay. Download our new e-book to learn more.

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