A guide to business ownership

Private company experiences and perspectives from startup to business transition

Jan 17, 2023
Private client services

Throughout the business life cycle, certain challenges, opportunities and solutions commonly arise. But the stages are not always linear and certainly are not rigid. A company can revert to a previous stage by design, poor planning or happenstance. It can also straddle multiple stages simultaneously while grappling with transition points.

Business owners can learn from the experiences of others to manage their own organization, plan for its future and build their personal wealth. The following descriptions of stages of the business life cycle are based on experiences of RSM clients. Details of companies, their owners and their business issues are representative examples that depict a road map of the life cycle.

By fully understanding each stage, a business owner will be better prepared to embark on their own journey to success.

RSM’s experienced business owner tax advisors understand the business lifecycle from startup to business transition. We can point out potential blind spots, provide tips and lay out the best tax strategies to help ensure success.

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