Building a sustainable finance function in a volatile world

Jan 10, 2024
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Middle market organizations today are dealing with uncertainty and volatility in a variety of contexts. Supply chain challenges, rising commodity prices, regulatory scrutiny, technology innovation and geopolitical unrest make the modern business landscape less predictable and more exposed to sudden, major shifts.

When businesses encounter these issues, the finance and accounting teams are often the first to feel the heat.

  • How will market volatility affect a company’s forecasts and market guidance?
  • Are supply chain disruptions influencing next quarter’s SEC filings?
  • Can your team automate and scale its reporting processes faster than regulators pile on new requirements?

Quickly and precisely addressing these questions requires a finance function that’s robust and agile. To achieve this, finance leaders are retooling existing processes, reorganizing teams and identifying new skills as they strive to make changes on shorter timetables.

Eliminate the angst of this transformation by leaning into the experience of advisors who spend their time helping middle market finance and accounting teams retool and reorganize to build resilience.

Ready to fortify your finance function for the future? Explore proven tactics and structured approaches to ensure faster, simpler transformations that deliver greater value in our new “Building a sustainable finance function in a volatile world” guide.

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