Case study

BFY Brands innovates ERP platform with RSM's Rapid Verification Model

Snack manufacturer implements sophisticated solution in shortened time


BFY Brands, Inc. is a holding company which manufactures and markets healthier snack foods. BFY acquired Medora Snacks, LLC and Ideal Snacks Corporation in June 2015. Medora manufactures PopCorners which is a better-for-you non-GMO corn-based, triangle-shaped snack product that is distributed both domestically and internationally through grocery, club and mass merchandise customers and distributors. Ideal is a contract manufacturer of healthy snack products supplying major consumer packaged goods companies. Overall, the company employs approximately 450 employees in its two New York-based manufacturing facilities.


BFY Brands began an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software selection process to consolidate its financial reporting and support product line expansion, and to scale for ongoing and future business growth. Previously, each of BFY’s businesses operated under separate ERP systems, with Medora using QuickBooks and Ideal using Sage MAS 90.  

In choosing this solution, RSM’s approach was key. The RSM team had valuable experience and aligned the right ERP software solution along with the right implementation team. Software functionality was a critical part of the decision but equally important was RSM’s knowledge and experience with food and beverage companies.
Scott Kumf, CFO - BFY Brands, Inc.


BFY chose Dynamics 365 as its new ERP solution and single retail platform and selected RSM as its first-choice advisor based on the team’s demonstration of their deep experience in the retail and food and beverage industries. BFY engaged RSM during the ERP software selection process, and the RSM team helped with their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition as well as other technology services in support of its implementation. 

“RSM’s infrastructure team quickly demonstrated a high level of knowledge, which reduced our risk with adopting a new system on current hardware and helped shape our future technology footprint,” said Scott Kumf, BFY Brands’ CFO.

Early in the Dynamics 365 implementation, the RSM team recognized that the traditional ERP implementation process wouldn’t support BFY’s requirements. Therefore, RSM leveraged its proprietary Rapid Verification Model to increase BFY’s time-to-value and cost benefit. The Rapid Verification Model approach offered an implementation for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and go-live in four to five.  

“With RSM’s Rapid Verification Model, BFY Brands was able to complete our conference room pilots with the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution within 10 weeks of the project kickoff,” said Kumf. “Using this model as well as RSM’s value-added approach accelerated our project in a cost-effective way which is much different than other implementations I have been involved in.”

“This was very important to us because we operate as a lean organization and don’t have the resources to devote full-time to a 12- to 18-month implementation plan. Additionally, the fixed fee approach for this portion of the project significantly reduced the company’s overall financial risk.” 

Prior to BFY Brands ERP go-live, RSM’s model provided proof of system configuration using the client’s data from over 700 processes and transactions, including: 

  • Functions to support trade promotion management
  • Configurations for general ledger, cash management, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Training and documentation
  • Data migration templates to import client data and industry best practices

Also, as a part of the Dynamics 365 implementation, RSM utilized its Innovate 365 offering to perform an infrastructure and platform readiness assessment to evaluate BFY’s current infrastructure, information technology (IT) operations, technology strategy and its environment’s suitability to support the requirements created by a new ERP solution. RSM leveraged its proprietary infrastructure scorecard methodology to help BFY understand current gaps, risks and vulnerabilities in its current infrastructure. RSM then worked with BFY management to custom-tailor an ideal state infrastructure, and put together a strategic road map to reach the ideal state. 

“As we evaluated potential solutions, we found that there are many different implementation approaches in the market,” commented Kumf. “RSM’s Rapid Verification Model is truly unique and sets itself apart from the typical industry configuration. The Rapid Verification Model provides hundreds of documented industry-specific business processes and when delivered, was fully functional incorporating our company data.” 

“Utilizing RSM's extensive industry experience, this approach has helped to establish best practices for our business while providing the foundation to support the company’s future growth objectives.”


RSM leveraged its Rapid Verification Model to help BFY Brands realize value more efficiently with an industry-specific implementation model for its Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations investment. BFY now has a solution that joins the company’s business units under one ERP system that provides deeper insights to help make better business decisions and is scalable for projected growth. 

Key benefits of RSM’s Rapid Verification Model implementation of Dynamics 365 for BFY Brands included:    

  • The Rapid Verification Model offered significant savings on consulting time, travel and cost (upwards of 40-50 percent reduction of time and cost)
  • ERP implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition in a shortened four- to five-month time frame
  • Ability to implement a sophisticated enterprise business solution with very lean staff, including no IT staff as well as a need to support it internally 
  • Selection of a platform to support future growth for two key areas of their business, manufacturing and distribution
  • Full assessment of total infrastructure costs required to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365