Operations in Mexico? Be aware of significant changes to the country’s tax laws

Mar 15, 2022

RSM reports on the key changes affecting international business activities, including:

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Stricter enforcement rules to prove the business reason behind transactions

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Stringent transfer pricing rules

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Limitations on how maquiladoras can meet their transfer pricing requirements

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What’s in the 2022 Mexican tax reform?

The Mexican government recently made significant changes to its tax laws, with most taking effect for tax years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2022.

While the 2022 reforms are not extensive overall, certain provisions—particularly in the country’s international tax and transfer pricing policies—will have a significant impact on how individuals and enterprises pay taxes in Mexico. Read the overview of key provisions from RSM here:

Internationally active companies with operations in Mexico should review our analysis to learn how the changes may affect their global tax strategy—and should take action to ensure their organization complies with Mexican tax law and avoids significant penalties and fines.