Considering global expansion? It helps to have the right partner

Aug 12, 2021
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Multinational companies are dynamic organizations which are subject to constant change: global expansion, mergers & acquisitions, new technologies, products and services, and evolving global tax policies, are examples of the changes currently challenging many multinational companies.  As a company adapts to change, its structure, which is inherently static, often becomes increasingly misaligned, burdensome, and costly.

Global expansion can be the right answer for many companies looking for growth opportunities in today’s environment. Big questions like, what does global expansion look like for my company and where do I start, can prevent companies from achieving their full potential.

Global expansion doesn’t have to be this way. Enlisting the right help is the key to success. Companies that try to go it alone often wind up paying compliance penalties, higher tax rates than necessary and waste valuable time and resources. Experienced advisors can help your company figure out the right global growth strategy by:

  • Fact finding to understand your objectives and capabilities
  • Conducting a feasibility analysis to understand the costs and benefits associated with expansion
  • Designing a realistic structure with your input at important inflection points
  • Implementing the new structure to form new entities, design transaction flows and “flip the switch” on the new structure and help you understand and comply with U.S. and foreign reporting requirements

RSM can help. In addition to helping with global expansion, RSM’s global structuring services can also address post acquisition integration and tax efficient supply chain, IT and logistics consulting optimization.

Whether restructuring for growth or business realignment, RSM has the right approach. Clients of RSM have access to a multitude of services including:

  • Tax planning for cash mobility and repatriation
  • Global structuring
  • Intellectual property planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Entity rationalization and transfer pricing
  • Value added tax
  • Global employer services
  • Global compliance and reporting

Our global footprint gives clients access to a deep bench of technical resources to help you do business around the world.

RSM brings the global market to the middle market.