Up your game with a well-implemented HRIS

Choose the right HRIS platform to streamline your human resources functions

Nov 15, 2023
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A human resources information system (HRIS) streamlines the necessary processes of your HR department by storing data electronically and automating certain functions and tasks.

Selecting and implementing the right HRIS for your organization can ease your day-to-day HR activities and prevent unnecessary stress and frustration. Here are four tips for successful HRIS adoption:

1. Don’t assume every HRIS solution offers the same capabilities.

1- Services checklist

Systems can differ widely in cost, function, capacity and much more, so it is important to do your research. Compiling a list of HR department needs and conducting a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether an HRIS is a cost-effective solution to meet them is a great start. If deciding to move forward with an HRIS purchase, create a list of must-have capabilities and a process for comparing available systems. 

2. Invest in HRIS training

2- Training

Just because your HR team is made up of reliable and experienced employees does not mean they are fluent in the intricacies of your company’s new HRIS. While allocating time for training may seem frustrating at first, ensuring your HR employees are properly acquainted with the ins and outs of the HRIS will be vital in avoiding setbacks down the road.

3. Communicate with all stakeholders.

3- Communicate new system

Educate managers and employees about the new system they will be using to update their records, leverage HR workflows and access information for decision support. Discussing the features and benefits in advance ensures that all team members know what to expect. Additionally, giving employees the time and space to prepare and ask questions can mitigate potential conflicts or disruptions early on.

4. Recruit a professional for help.

4- Recruit professional help

If you have embraced the idea of a more efficient and automatic HRIS but aren’t quite sure how to take the next step, a qualified advisor can provide valuable guidance and support. Human resources and payroll advisors know how to successfully transition HR processes to an HRIS to improve employee productivity, boost morale, handle application and resume management, lessen paperwork and reduce administrative anxiety.

Consulting an RSM US LLP professional can help ensure you select the best HRIS for your business.