The modern audit, Part 3: RSM delivers human insights powered by technology

Sep 01, 2022
Innovation Audit

This podcast series is brought to you by RSM US LLP, a leading audit, tax and consulting firm. In this third episode of a three-part series, RSM national audit growth Leader, Joe Mazza, sits down with RSM’s Sara Lord, chief auditor, and Scott Wilson, RSM’s national audit innovation leader, to discuss the important role technology has in the auditing process. The team also talks about how technology affects modern auditors and may shape the future of the accounting industry.

Technology combined with human insights allows RSM to deliver quality audits that provides relevant financial reporting insights and enables confidence in the audit process.

In the final installment of the series, Joe, Sara and Scott talk about how technology can help enhance audits and deliver richer human insights. The team discusses how data tools, paired with appropriate critical thinking, provides insights that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.

In this podcast, the team explores how technology enables efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in added value for the client:

  • Deeper insights-Automating routine tasks creates space for higher-level thinking and the development of relevant insights.
  • Less bais-Automation can help reduce potential human bias.
  • Valuable visualizations-With data already ingested into analytics solutions, the audit team can prepare data visualization such as dashboards and reports more readily for clients.

The RSM audit team can combine the efficiency of technology with its extensive industry knowledge and business acumen to deliver transformative insights.

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