The modern audit, Part 1: Technology and the audit process

Aug 24, 2022
Innovation Audit

This podcast series is brought to you by RSM US LLP, a leading audit, tax and consulting firm. In this first episode of a three-part series, RSM’s national audit growth leader, Joe Mazza, sits down with RSM’s Sara Lord, chief auditor, and Scott Wilson, RSM’s national audit innovation leader, to discuss the growing role technology has in the auditing process. The team also talks about how that technology affects modern auditors and may influence the future of the industry.

Technology is transforming the audit process—in a big way.

In part one, Joe, Sara and Scott chat about the role technology currently has in the audit process. The team also discusses the types of digital tools being applied in audits now and how the audit process looks when these advanced tools are used.

The team spotlights how technology improves audit efficiency and quality by:

  • Reducing manual tasks, which allows the audit team to focus on higher-value work
  • Decreasing the risk of potential human bias
  • Allowing the audit team to conduct traditionally complex tasks with the help of artificial intelligence to deliver more efficient audits with more actionable business insights
  • Using modern portals to improve the way clients interact with the audit team
  • Focusing the audit procedures on areas of risk while maintaining rigorous compliance and quality standards

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