RSM’s Ultimate ROI Calculator for Unified Commerce

Highlight key areas to strengthen your business

Dec 06, 2023
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Building a business case for a transformation project is complex and time-consuming. However, RSM has developed the Ultimate ROI Calculator for Unified Commerce to support efforts to help capture and calculate the key data necessary to drive the business case and rationalize thinking about investment priorities.

How does it work?

The Ultimate ROI Calculator is a Microsoft Excel workbook that determines return on investment by gathering and analyzing several elements that drive outcomes for the tool. The calculator first establishes a baseline for the business, and then estimates the impact on the key measure(s) targeted and the benchmark capability improvements expected.

RSM’s Ultimate ROI Calculator for Unified Commerce is a framework for connecting business objectives, business capabilities, current metrics and expectations for improvement. With this connection, your business can drive a stronger business case for the implementation of the underlying capabilities. By establishing value creation, the cost of the project can be compared to determine payback time and ultimately the ROI for a capabilities project. 

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