Scaling at the speed of change: Biopharma

Considerations at each stage of your biopharma life cycle

Apr 04, 2023

Biopharma companies provide vital treatments and medical innovations to communities across the globe. Science and research are essential to their enterprise core, but so is growing the business.

This pull between science and business often creates the greatest conflict and challenge for many of these companies. And directing the growth trajectory from preclinical to commercial launch can be daunting.

Managing the business through rapid change and growth takes insight, vision, agility and strategic planning. From drug discovery to a strategic exit, companies in this sector must be ready to scale at the speed of change, knowing what must be done now but also anticipating and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

The following illustration plots the life cycle of a biopharma company. Click on a stage and learn key considerations for each phase. Be prepared for change and your scaling journey.

Explore all four stages of the biopharma lifecycle

Scale up your people and your infrastructure as you enter your trial. 

Manage your cash as you work through the trial.

Formalize a commercial launch plan and team.

Effectively manage your gross margin, access, and supply.

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