Digital asset strategy: Key takeaways for financial services

What you need to be thinking about now and in the future

May 02, 2023

RSM’s digital asset leaders across innovation, audit, tax, security and privacy, and technical accounting discuss what financial services companies need to be thinking about as they consider adding a digital asset strategy to their business model. From operations considerations to addressing tax concerns, overcoming audit uncertainty, and security and privacy risks, adopting digital assets isn’t easy. Our RSM digital assets team has the insight and experience to help you navigate the unclear environment, mitigate risks and build a sustainable digital asset strategy for the future. 

RSM contributors

  • Jay Schulman
  • Todd Briggs
  • Elizabeth Hart
  • Frank O'Connor
    Senior Director
  • Bennett Moore
Additional digital asset insights
Hear more from our digital assets team on key considerations for a sustainable digital assets strategy

Driving a sustainable digital assets strategy

The digital assets space looks vastly different today than it did just a few years ago. Digitally native companies that hold custody of digital assets or have platforms for the trading of such assets—whether cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, non-fungible tokens, stablecoins, or security tokens—need to be able to adapt their vision and strategy as the landscape changes.

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