Digital asset security and privacy: What companies should know

Key challenges and takeaways for management navigating the digital assets accounting space

May 08, 2023

Bennett Moore, RSM director and national leader of the Blockchain and Digital Assets Center of Excellence, shares the top five security and privacy risks for digital assets companies. From private key, wallet generation and smart contract risks, to third-party dependencies, application program interface (API) risks, customer security, and data protection, digital assets companies have to understand and address a number of different security and privacy issues within this space. 

RSM contributors

  • Bennett Moore

Driving a sustainable digital assets strategy

The digital assets space looks vastly different today than it did just a few years ago. Digitally native companies that hold custody of digital assets or have platforms for the trading of such assets—whether cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, non-fungible tokens, stablecoins, or security tokens—need to be able to adapt their vision and strategy as the landscape changes.

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