Helping companies manage through COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted virtually every business, and RSM understands that companies are struggling with an enormous range of issues as the pandemic continues. Our firm has responded by bringing forward new and enhanced services to meet current business needs. These services have been specifically designed to address the challenges companies face now and may encounter in the future.

Understanding your financial position: Cash flow and liquidity

As middle market companies look for ways to sustain current operations and meet future business demands, understanding cash flow needs is the first step in building a plan. Whether your organization is struggling to evaluate its cash flow and liquidity or has cash flow modeling in place that you want to validate, this offering can help. Through this service, we help clients evaluate how to optimize cash flow and liquidity, assess technology solutions and develop an action plan. 

Adapting to new business environments: Managing a remote workforce

The large-scale shift to remote work has opened up new opportunities and challenges for companies employing this strategy. RSM can help businesses implement and manage this shift to a remote environment, starting by pairing business needs with the technology and infrastructure changes that would enable a broad remote workforce. Some areas of planning for this shift include process mapping and robotic automation, migration of targeted services, security risk and mitigation options, data classification, maintenance plan changes, and more.

Managing cyber-risk is another crucial area to consider when it comes to implications of newly remote workforces. The pandemic has given cybercriminals new opportunities to exploit organizations, as employees work outside of company firewalls and other protections that would be in place in the office. RSM can help evaluate your remote workforce, determine where vulnerabilities exist and how they could affect your revenue cycle, and provide insights and information to address these issues.

Evaluating strategic options: Restructuring and bankruptcy services

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented and dramatic economic disruption, with serious ramifications for nearly all industries. Even organizations that were healthy and thriving before the pandemic are now closely assessing and managing their cash flows with a sense of urgency as they explore strategic alternatives. For some businesses, these may include:

Restructuring and turnaround services

RSM helps distressed companies, creditors, lenders and other stakeholders evaluate financial and operational performance, assess strategic options and execute those plans, from out-of-court turnaround and workout services to formal restructuring or liquidation.

Bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation services

RSM provides financial advisory services to parties of interest (debtors, creditors, lenders and other stakeholders) who are participating in the bankruptcy process. Services generally focus on financial consulting, accounting assistance and litigation support, complemented by regulatory compliance and tax services.

Helping you focus on your core business: Managed services

As companies focus on building operational resilience, many have faced difficult decisions to reduce staff, leaving skills gaps and resource shortages to fulfill necessary job functions. RSM can provide strategic advice and insights to help businesses fill the operational gaps left by departing staff. This empowers management to focus on their core business while securing a predictable monthly expenditure that can expand and contract with future business needs. 


RSM enables organizations to scale finance resources, expand and contract as needed, and take advantage of advanced technology platforms to gain real-time business visibility, and manage finance and accounting operations.

Managed IT services

RSM provides fully managed and co-managed information technology services that include strategic IT guidance, 24x7x365 end-user support, backup and recovery, threat protection, security training and Microsoft 365 for a predictable monthly spend.

Whether you need resources for finance, accounting, security or IT operations, our managed services professionals can help. You’ll gain efficiency, flexibility and the capacity to become more strategic in supporting the business.

Getting back to the workplace: Adapting to a new era

Many businesses are reopening their workplaces after weeks or months of pandemic-induced lockdowns, but operations cannot continue as they did in the past. New and evolving federal, state and local regulations will have significant effects on how organizations can move forward with operating offices, retail locations, warehouses, shop floors and other work environments.

RSM has developed several industry-specific services to help you bring customers and employees back to the workplace safely while minimizing costs.

The Real Economy blog

The Real Economy Blog was developed to provide timely economic insights about the middle market economy. It is offered as a complement to RSM’s macroeconomic thought leadership, including the quarterly The Real Economy Canada.

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Middle market organizations, which make up the “real economy,” are too big to be small and too small to be big. They have distinct challenges and opportunities around resources, labour, technology, innovation, regulation and more.