Law firm resilience and innovation in changing times


With the ever-changing economy, it is becoming increasingly critical for law firms to leverage technology. Creating a digital environment where workflows are seamlessly enabled by technology is a key factor for successful organizational resilience. Identifying where and how emerging technology can easily and effectively fit into an organization will enable increased productivity and resilience to rapidly-changing economic and societal factors.

Conversely, underspending in technology, or not taking an integrated approach to technology investments, can impede an organization’s competitiveness, operational effectiveness and agility.

Join RSM Canada’s Rhys Morgan and Austin Allanach to learn about:

  • The current adoption of digital transformation practices in middle market law firms in Canada
  • Common risks in adopting innovative technologies
  • Benefits of adopting technology considering the current climate


Rhys Morgan – Partner, RSM Canada

Rhys is a seasoned professional with a career spanning over two decades of progressive transformational experience. With a focus on strategic consulting and major transformational modernization initiatives, he has acquired international experience working with clients in the U.K., Canada, Spain, Norway, Mexico and the United States. He has led significant programs, projects, shared service initiatives and organizational transformation engagements, and he specializes in technology procurement and implementation, utilizing best practice methodologies. His most recent engagements have involved full life-cycle strategic program management of major government initiatives underpinning digital transformation, business modernization and cost reduction objectives.

Austin Allanach – Manager, RSM Canada

Austin is a technology consultant with a career focused on strategy and digital innovation. He has completed many successful projects which focused on innovative and emerging technologies, data and analytics, and financial and environmental feasibility for private, public, and academic sector clients from a large range of industries. Austin founded and operated a local start-up company while completing his chemical engineering degree at the University of Alberta. After completion of his degree, he worked at a large national consulting firm, before moving to MorganThomas, a boutique strategy and technology consulting firm, which joined RSM in 2019.

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