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Our global mobility program provides RSM professionals with real-world experiences to build global advisor skills. This includes the opportunity to live and work abroad, work with clients, learn about different cultures and business practices, and build key relationships worldwide. International assignments range from several months to several years in a variety of countries throughout RSM’s global  network. Hear from Audit Sr. Manager Nelly Montoya on her experience as a current RSM Expat in London:

When I started at RSM in the financial services assurance team, I didn’t know my career would be full of adventures. Seven plus years later, I’ve moved from Chicago to San Francisco and then to London, traveled across the U.S. and Europe, and worked on a variety of different projects —all with RSM!

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I’ve been living in London and working in RSM UK’s London office for two years and recently extended my assignment through August 2020. Like I did in the U.S., I continue to specialize in providing quality assurance to the financial services industry, but now I have the opportunity to do so much more.

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On behalf of our U.S. teams, I work to improve cross-border communications, execute and coordinate global engagements, and build trust and working relationships with our RSM international teams. I have direct access to professionals and leaders across our international network and can play an integral role in international business development and thought leadership creation.

As I look over my calendar, I see that I’ve visited +22 coutries or jurisdictions while on my expat assignment. I’ve hiked a glacier in Iceland, ran the Paris marathon, skied (rather poorly) the beautiful kiddie slopes in Zermatt, Switzerland, and soaked in the culture and devoured the wonderful cuisine of each place I’ve visited. Simultaneously, I’ve worked with the national leadership in the UK, Ireland, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cayman, and the US, led cross border teams on large proposals, co-led several financial services meetings and presentations during the RSM European and RSM World conferences, and led RSM’s participation in publishing a research paper which explores the ways the hedge fund managers and investors best align their interests.

Being an expat has challenged me, propelled me to grow personally and professionally in ways I would have never imagined and has enriched my life immensely. I would tell anyone considering a global assignment to take the plunge and just do it! Dive headfirst into new cultures and gain unforgettable experiences while building lasting friendships.

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