PRIDE in practice: LGBTQ2+ members and allies share their perspectives

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In honor of Pride month, members of our Pride Employee Network Group (ENG) shared how RSM allows them to bring their whole selves to work and truly experience The Power of Being You.

LGBTQ2+ members and allies experience inclusivity and belonging at RSM and actively participate in fostering that for their colleagues.

RSM fosters a safe environment for learning and growing. I am grateful to be in the company of friends with whom I can share similar experiences and have meaningful conversations.
Michelle Tran, audit senior associate

As an LGBTQ2+ member, I am honored to work for a company that allows me to be my most authentic self, and where we are armed with the tools to be inclusive for all!
Daniel Booth, campus recruiting lead

RSM provides me with a place to be myself without judgement. I work with a diverse group of people because of its inclusivity, which allows me to expand my experiences.
Ana Kottke, audit associate

I’m proud to work for such a supportive firm that creates outlets for us to be allies to our LGBTQ2+ colleagues; ensuring we all can be our true and authentic selves at work.
Sharon Roberts, communications associate

RSM helps me grow and be a better ally by hosting and encouraging me to participate in events, activities and programs that support the LGBTQ2+ Community.
Krystal Buonincontri, billing specialist

Life at RSM

There’s no one like you and that’s why there’s nowhere like RSM.

Our people are empowered to make an impact, to own their career, and to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.  We celebrate the differences among our talented employees.

When we bring those unique talents and perspectives together, it strengthens our teams and enhances the unique insights we provide our clients.