Navigating remote work and school through flexibility


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we enhanced our flexibility benefits at RSM to ensure our people feel supported in taking advantage of flexibility – for their own mental health or to take care of children or elderly family members. Christian Wright, a project manager in our Dallas office, shares what a difference RSM’s culture of flexibility has made for her and her family as they navigated remote work and school in the middle of a pandemic.

My husband is a high school history educator – during a time when history has never been so important – while also being high risk due to his severe asthma. Our son is four and is back to school after three months of closure. Our sweet sixth grade daughter is fierce, confident and just started virtual learning. These three mean more to me than anything else in this entire world.

Two of the three are working and learning virtually for the time being, navigating uncharted territory with ease and confidence. Part of that ease and confidence comes from the fact that I was able to make a choice that required flexibility and understanding; and I was able to make that choice because I work at RSM.

image of RSM professional and kids

At RSM, you hear a lot about a culture that supports flexibility and RSM’s “5 C’s” because we live it every day. I was able to approach my team and leaders to collaborate on ways to make working from home while my daughter learned from home possible. I had the courage to have this conversation because I know they care about me and I care about them. I was able to think critically to come up with solutions to not only my family’s dilemma with schooling this year but to make the seemingly impossible very possible. It may seem like I left out the last C – curious. I didn’t. I didn’t because I didn’t have to be curious. I didn’t have to wonder if I would have their support because their support was a given.

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I work for a firm that has employee network groups in place to support their workforce, from intern to partner, from office to home, from one hard decision to another. I work alongside two individuals who I felt comfortable enough to approach with my biggest fears and concerns for my family and career. I work for a firm that talks the talk and walks the walk.

I am proud to work at RSM for so many reasons that have become so prevalent this year, but I am especially proud to work at RSM this morning as I listen to my child learning in one room while my husband teaches from home in another … all the while, I am not missing a beat when it comes to my productivity or work.

And for those of you who have been faced with the most impossible of decisions this year when it comes to home, health, work, school and all of the rest – we truly are in this together.

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