Development with passion and impact: CEO Action for Racial Equity fellowship program

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RSM's CEO Task Force for Racial Understanding recently invited interested individuals to apply to step aside from their current role to participate in the CEO Action for Racial Equity fellowship program. Six RSM representatives will work alongside fellows from other firms to identify, develop and promote scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies to advance racial equity and improve societal wellbeing.

Impacting social equity has been a goal of mine since I started my career in public accounting. Previously thinking that differences were primarily products of one’s culture, I have learned that there are many forms of diversity, including diversity in thought and ideas. My mission is to employ my current skills to positively impact the future of companies of every size, industry and culture.
Monique Williams-Reese, senior analyst-innovation

As a public advocate, I petition my local board of education to fund community programs. As a volunteer for such programs, I have seen firsthand how policies that target understanding and inclusion have a positive and direct correlation to the success of members of underprivileged and underrepresented communities. As RSM's talent becomes more diverse, it is important to understand how to deliver and cultivate an environment that promotes the growth of all minority talent. This program will identify any blind spots where action can be taken to further advance inclusivity.
Wei Xue, supervisor, consulting

I experienced living in a small town where my brother and I were the only people of color. It showcased how different life could be for different races, but I learned to be patient with people at various points along their journey. My experience in the racial spotlight has prepared me to listen through emotion and lean into tough conversations to find common ground. While increasing diversity and changing personal attitudes move the needle forward, policy changes are the only way to shift power. I believe this program will lead to policy changes, and I am honored to represent RSM as a leader in affecting change.
Jalaal Madyun, senior instructional designer

By participating in the program, RSM will benefit from collaborating with other companies to knowledge share, identify and eradicate policies that foster racism and injustice and implement best practices to make RSM a more diverse, inclusive and an even better place to work. As the leader of the Boston office African American and Canadian Excellence employee network group, I help foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace at RSM through strategy, programming and dialogue, that optimally supports recruitment and retention of black accountants and consultants.
Tanya Coker-Fergusson, Assurance Manager

My leadership in diversity and inclusion programming and involvement in diverse professional organizations fuels my empathy and exposure to micro aggressions and challenges marginalized groups face. We all have a responsibility to further our knowledge and deepen our understanding of how systemic racism and inequality have played a role in our country's history and current events. The more educated we all become, the more we can take ownership and work together through meaningful action to overcome the barriers that perpetuate this environment.
Daniel O’Brien, National Talent Development Director

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