Career development and the Industry Eminence Program: Stephanie Smith, director

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A unique career development experience that positions us with deep industry knowledge of value to our clients and the market, RSM’s Industry Eminence Program appoints and trains senior analysts to decipher complex economic trends and deliver insights for the industries that our clients operate. Stephanie Smith shares her experience as an ‘eminent’ and what's next for her on her journey.

I chose to start my career at RSM because of the culture and the people. As an intern, I worked with many people representing all levels and lines of business at the firm. I enjoyed and learned from every interaction I had. And now, the positive culture and people are more than the reasons I chose RSM—they are the reasons I stay.  

When I transferred to RSM’s Washington Metro market, I quickly realized the strength and connectivity of the government contracting community in and around D.C. Lucky for me, I was welcomed by RSM mentors who prioritized industry and took an interest in my development. I knew that industry would not only provide the opportunity for me to gain subject matter expertise, but to also be coached by smart, successful and highly regarded leaders.

I am the beneficiary of significant mentorship from RSM leader-allies who recognize and prioritize developing our firm’s people.

As our firm’s government contracting practice continued to grow, I became more deeply involved in serving government services businesses. I’ve enjoyed watching these businesses use innovative technologies to address our nation’s critical needs. The active M&A market has also translated into an exciting, fast-paced business environment.

Since beginning the industry eminence program, my counterparts and I have spent time learning about data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, change management and digital transformation. In addition to more strategically navigating our current business climate, I’m thinking about what the future of professional services will look like on the other side of the digital revolution. Positioning RSM and our clients for success in the future is a significant undertaking that will never truly cease. I’m looking forward to building on my experiences here and hope I can use them to challenge my colleagues, my clients and myself to innovate and grow.

To date, RSM’s industry eminence program has far exceeded my expectations in sharing knowledge, cultivating community and driving growth. My hope is that the continued success of this program results in it no longer needing to exist, and that all employees at RSM are immersed in their respective industries and providing data-driven insights to their clients. We’ve struck the match, and the middle market is ready to ignite.

Life at RSM

There’s no one like you and that’s why there’s nowhere like RSM.

Our people are empowered to make an impact, to own their career, and to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.  We celebrate the differences among our talented employees.

When we bring those unique talents and perspectives together, it strengthens our teams and enhances the unique insights we provide our clients.