A glimpse of leadership development at RSM: Martina Linders, Partner

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Developing next-generation leaders at RSM is key to the future success of our people and our organization. The RSM Enterprise Leadership Academy (ELA) prepares RSM’s future leaders for challenges and opportunities they may face as their career progresses. The inaugural class of 23 nominated professionals, completed their ELA journey in Oct. 2018. Hear from graduate, Martina Linders.

There’s no better way to develop our own leadership skills than to learn from others’ journeys. As a participant in ELA, I learned directly from RSM’s leadership team and colleagues across the country. Hearing the personal journeys, struggles, and achievements of my colleagues was incredibly impactful in advancing my own career.

The program was designed to help us grow personally—as well as to enhance our abilities to solve enterprise-wide problems as potential future leaders of RSM. The 15-month program (consisting of five intensive 3-day sessions and development work and leadership coaching in between) focused on developing an enterprise leadership mindset and skills. I am still, three years later, in constant communication with my ELA classmates, providing mutual support and feedback in our day-to-day.

We each received personalized insights on our leadership styles and areas for growth. Working with an executive coach, an RSM leadership team mentor and intimate peer groups, we reflected on changes we intended to make and bring back to our teams and roles. I’m thankful for the unwavering support of my own mentor, Chief Marketing Officer Andy Bosman, and peer group during my participation.

Graduating class photo

Aside from self-growth, the well-being of the firm was a major focus. Each of us developed innovative ideas, research and plans to help the firm grow and benefit, which we shared with RSM’s leadership team and our peers at graduation. I found it rewarding to develop ideas alongside firm leadership and have an impact on the direction of RSM. And hearing from my peers on their areas of firm well-being further expanded my knowledge of RSM and our future opportunities and challenges.

Something that made a major impression on me was the dedication and enthusiasm of our leadership team. They were so committed to the success of each of us and open and honest with sharing their own experiences. I graduated from ELA with a fresh perspective on leadership, our firm’s priorities and an expanded network with many new peers to lean on.

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