A caring RSM family: Supporting each other in challenging times

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COVID-19 has created a challenging environment for many, but RSM continues to step up to support our people and their families while caring for both their personal and professional lives. Tempe Manager Arnab Mukherjee and his wife Senior Associate Bhumi Rawal share how they experienced RSM’s caring culture firsthand:

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Although this year was filled with uncertainty and challenges, I am very thankful that I had RSM’s support every step of the way. Going in to the new year, I have even more confidence in my career and the firm.

When RSM closed our offices due to COVID-19, I was anxious about the transition into remote work and uncertain about the future. However, both enterprise and local leaders eased my anxiety with regular communication that kept everyone connected. They also provided numerous opportunities and resources for flexibility and support.

As the pandemic continued, RSM kept all of us updated with full transparency. I was reassured knowing that our business was strong and growing, despite economic uncertainty in our country. It was also reassuring see how our firm leaders continued to prioritize employees and their career growth. Instead of forgoing monetary recognitions this year like other employers did, RSM was able to pay our annual bonus as scheduled and give raises to more than 2,000 promoted professionals. These actions gave me confidence in the security of my job and our business, so I never had to worry.

In addition to the support we received from RSM related to the pandemic, Arnab and I experienced even more support during an unexpected personal challenge. This summer I had to have an emergency surgery that was not only physically challenging but also emotional for both of us. Although they were busy with their own work nearing the tax deadline extension, my RSM colleagues immediately offered to help with our work so that we could have plenty of time to heal.

In addition to taking care of work related items, my colleagues would call me often to check in on how I was doing. This made me feel truly cared for, and I couldn’t thank them enough for their unwavering support. Although I do not have any biological family nearby with most of them living in India, this experience made me realize that I do have family here—my RSM family.

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