A career driven by curiosity: Tax senior manager, Scott Helberg

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Senior analysts in RSM’s Industry Eminence Program track complex economic trends to deliver forward-looking industry insights to clients, prospects and middle market stakeholders. Now in his third year as an eminent, Senior Manager Scott Helberg is a first-choice advisor for RSM’s real estate professionals and clients, helping them navigate the volatile economic environment.

As a tax professional working on a client’s tax return, my curiosity drives me to dive deeper into learning more about properties and business operations. Additionally, I always dedicate personal time to staying knowledgeable about the real estate industry outside of tax.

When I was selected to join RSM’s Industry Eminence Program, I was educated and empowered to hone my skills and passion for real estate and become more knowledgeable about industry trends and issues to better serve my clients. I have met many new people across the firm and built a stronger appreciation for the vast breadth of services RSM offers. Conversations with my clients go well beyond just tax compliance and deadlines. Both my curiosity and newfound knowledge and skillset drives me to discuss operations and strategy with my clients and I feel better equipped to be a first-choice advisor than ever before.

Personally—and from a career development perspective—the benefits I derive from the IEP grow each day. I have been so thankful to be involved with RSM’s national real estate team to educate others at RSM on industry trends and drive initiatives that will better serve our firm and our clients. I’m also grateful for numerous other experiences I’ve been able to take advantage of, such as speaking on panels and networking and soon earning an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Strategy and Innovation. Learning and developing into a real estate business advisor has helped boost my confidence and value to clients as I guide them toward succeeding in their business goals.

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