A “boomerang” with a special career development journey: Brandon Hollis, partner

Raleigh-based Audit Partner, Brandon joined RSM as an intern, then developed his career at RSM until as a manager, he sought out a role in industry.

Recruiting RSM careers

I began my career at RSM as a summer intern. After completing my undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University and my graduate degree at East Carolina University, I started full time as an audit associate in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I don’t think I truly appreciated how important this culture and the values of this firm are to me. Thinking the proverbial, 'the grass is always greener on the other side,' I left RSM as a manager to take a role in industry. It immediately became clear to me that the things I value in an employer and the professional experiences I want in my career, I had at RSM. So, after just seven months away, without even missing a busy season, I returned. And haven’t looked back!

In May 2020, I was selected to join the third class of the Industry Eminence Program. This has been the most rewarding challenge of my career to date, and I have gained so much insight, even just in the first year of the program!

My class spent time learning about digital transformation, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, in addition to learning valuable skills, such as presentation and media training. The program has provided me with a greater appreciation for the strategic challenges middle market companies face, and an understanding of how we as a professional services firm can add incredible value with relevant industry and data-focused insights.

I can honestly say the experience has already been transformational. I’ve gained a new perspective on understanding the middle market, our clients and our firm. I am more knowledgeable about how changes in the market create disruptions or opportunities for businesses, and I’m better equipped to articulate and share those insights with our clients and my colleagues. These insights will be especially crucial as the economy recovers from the impacts of the pandemic and businesses continue to adapt.

Life at RSM

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