Meet Becky Strope-Boggus, our 2022 Working Mother of the Year

Diversity, equity, inclusion

Becky and her wife Kimberley are parents to three foster children, ages eight and two years, and one who is six months. They are finalizing adoption of two children and are expecting a child of their own in December 2022. Becky, a consulting manager out of our Des Moines, IA office, is known for her work excellence and fierce loyalty to her clients, coworkers and family.

In her own words

In March 2020, Kimberley and I were fully focused on work and traveling nearly every week, before the pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt. After delaying becoming foster parents for years, we obtained our license in January 2021. We took our first placement, a six-year-old girl, a month later, followed by a three-month-old in March, and a 14-month-old in April. After deciding to do one last round of in vitro fertilization (IVF), we accepted our third placement, a five-week-old newborn, in February 2022. The final round of IVF turned out to be the charm and we’re looking forward to welcoming a biological newborn into our home in December.

Becky Strope-Boggus

Fostering requires another level of mental and emotional energy, and I’m learning how to shift my focus among work, my wife, home visits, therapy appointments and just typical life with kids. Kimberley and I tell our now eight-year-old that we are a team, and we’ve approached foster parenting in that way, knowing our bandwidth will vary and that we must balance each other out as needed. Kimberley is a rock star when I’m traveling for work and keeps things going at home.

We have such a strong support network and that includes our RSM people. Whether it’s meals, baby supplies, clothes, or money for takeout, we have so many people we can call on when we need extra support. Being named RSM’s “Working Mother of the Year” is further proof to me of how RSM is singular in our care for and support of each other. It’s humbling to be recognized and know that I was nominated by my peers.

Culture, diversity and inclusion at RSM

Being an equitable and inclusive firm where diverse talent excels is a critical part of RSM’s culture—it’s one of the things that sets us apart. 

Thousands of personalities make up RSM. Our inclusive workplace celebrates the differences among our talented people, while enabling their success at work and in their personal lives. Diversity is a journey, not a destination.