Finance and Accounting Rapid Assessments 

Uncovering opportunities to optimize your finance function

Finance operations evolve quickly, and in many cases, middle market companies have opportunities to optimize their processes to increase insight and efficiency. However, internal resources may not always have the time or exposure to best practices to know where improvements can be made. An independent assessment of your finance processes and data can highlight any potential issues and accelerate initiatives to resolve gaps and further modernize the finance function.

RSM Canada’s experienced advisors perform comprehensive finance assessments using our proven target operating model as a guide. We evaluate your current functional operating model through seven distinct components of the model to determine a path to transforming or innovating your unique organization. These include:

  • Strategy
  • Organization and people
  • Process
  • Policy, controls and compliance
  • Technology
  • Performance management
  • Data and reporting

Our Rapid Assessment® approach is driven by data and analytics. Whether we are looking at one distinct area or your finance function as a whole, we take a broad view to understand your company strategy, how finance aligns with that strategy, and then further determine how your processes align with the target operating model. The Rapid Assessment approach consists of three key steps to analyze your environment:    

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Discover: Provide a rapid review of your strategic vision and current state

Analyze: Identify gaps in processes and how they compare to target maturity

Advance: Outline the strategic alignment of initiatives to convert your processes or finance function as a whole to a desired target state

Because we understand that your processes and objectives are unique, the Rapid Assessment is not a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. We take key industry issues into account before we start, and consider what information finance executives need to know from our work with peer organizations. CFOs need certain information to drive the finance function forward, and in many cases, they are not getting it—the goal of the Rapid Assessment is to provide that insight.

In addition to delivering a comprehensive assessment with strategy and diagnosis, we can execute on the recommendations that result from the assessment to transform your finance function. If you choose, we have resources ready—from technical accounting support to business application implementation or optimization—effective knowledge transfer and connectivity between teams to drive any necessary changes within your organization.

We are nimble in our assessments, scaling our approach and our deliverables up or down depending on your specific needs. For instance, we can perform a finance assessment for a small company looking to build a more optimized finance function, focusing on growing the team and investing in systems. On the other hand, we can also provide value to mature companies by validating existing systems and making sure they are optimized to work together efficiently.

Even the best finance departments can make improvements to better align systems, and leverage emerging processes and innovations. Our team leverages extensive benchmarking and knowledge of leading practices to help ensure that our finance assessments drive continued advancement of your finance function.