Coronavirus webcast series: May 4, 2020


Insight during uncertainty: Week 7

(03:52) Alex Kotsopoulos analyses the GDP estimates from February, highlighting that economic growth was much lower than expected and could continue to decline.

How to build and maintain a professional network remotely

(04:23) Professionals should use this time to enhance their connections via steps such as engaging in video calls and updating social profiles with newly-acquired skills or experience.

Working remotely: monitoring, adapting and managing

(05:18) While remote working offers many benefits, it can also prove challenging at times. Hear tips and insights on how to monitor, adapt and manage while working from your home office.

Managing risk and uncertainty during COVID-19

(07:21) Understand the importance of strong leadership, clear company values, being strategic, and other key factors when trying to mitigate and manage legal, reputational and financials risks to your business.