Coronavirus webcast video series: Insights during uncertainty


RSM understands that these are uncertain times for individuals, communities and businesses as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continues to spread around the world. We want to help however we can by providing information and resources for businesses to weather this storm. We are all in this together.

As part of that effort, RSM is hosting a weekly on-demand webcast series. RSM's goal is to share insights for business leaders to understand the economic impact from this pandemic, how organizations can prepare for the future and how to mitigate risk.


March 27, 2020

Insight during uncertainty: Week 2

(19:19) RSM economists Kevin Depew and Alex Kotsopoulos look at the rising jobless claims and other data pointing to a likely recession in both the U.S. and Canadian economies. 


March 18, 2020

Insight during uncertainty: Week 1

(22:34) RSM economists Kevin Depew and Alex Kotsopoulos provide a detailed U.S. and Canadian economic outlook in light of the ongoing health crisis. 

Technology preparedness in the modern workplace

(11:32) - Hear from Geoff Hopkins, RSM National Lead for Modern Workplace at RSM US, on enabling a workforce in a secure manner, embracing change and technology considerations you should be making.

Business continuity planning

(12:34) - There are five immediate continuity actions you can take to help your organization brace for the weeks and months ahead.