Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Built on the Azure cloud, Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers these capabilities. Moreover, it’s a great option for Dynamics GP customers who are already familiar with Microsoft tools. Microsoft is eager to support its customer base, so they offer fantastic incentives to move to the cloud at the right time.

RSM is an award-winning Dynamics 365 Business Central partner with a proven track record of helping Dynamics GP customers migrate to Business Central.

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Pricing and offers

We know that price isn’t the only driver in a decision, and that “free” can seem like a gimmick. There are also a lot of other considerations such as, “What about migrating my existing data?” or “What about all the ISV solutions that are integrated into our GP instance?”

Well, the great news is that RSM already has fantastic relationships with most ISVs supporting the GP community, and we’ve already helped companies navigate many of those challenges—so you won’t be the first. You’ll find that Business Central comes with some native functionality for some solutions, whereas other ISVs have created solutions within Business Central.

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Why migrate to D365 Business Central?

  • Cloud strategy: Taking advantage of Microsoft’s cloud apps and tools
  • Interoperability: The importance of having your accounting system work in unison with employee productivity tools from Office, including Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, Teams and Power BI
  • Extensibility: Most ISVs with Dynamics GP solutions also have a Dynamics 365 Business Central offering
  • Functionality: Same or similar functionality as Dynamics GP
  • Value: Free or discounted licensing for Dynamics GP customers

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