Current Restructuring and Recovery Engagements

Listed below are restructuring and recovery assignments in which the involvement of our firm is publicly disclosed:

Engagement Nature of Assignment Filing Date (if applicable)
144 Park Ltd. Construction Lien Act Trustee 2015-01-22
2122775 Ontario Inc. Court-appointed Receivership 2013-11-15
2131059 Ontario Limited - Mapleview Court-appointed Receivership 2015-05-15
2380009 Ontario Limited Court-appointed Receivership  2017-02-07
2267 Industrial Street, Burlington, Ontario Court-appointed Receivership 2015-11-12
2723 Lancaster Road Inc. Court-appointed Receivership 2016-01-05
475 - 477 Lancaster Street West, Kitchener, Ontario
15 Scenic Drive, Kitchener, Ontario
144 Lucan Avenue, Waterloo, Ontario
581 Strasburg Road, Kitchener, Ontario
60 Centreville Street, Kitchener, Ontario
Court-appointed Receivership  2015-12-16
64, 68 and 70 Reynolds Drive, Brockville, Ontario
10, 14, 18 and 22 Salisbury Avenue, Brockville, Ontario,
and 39-85 Costello Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario
Court-appointed Receivership 2017-06-23
Aventura Pavilion Group Court-appointed Receivership 2014-09-08
BG Furniture Ltd. Division I Proposal 2016-12-14
Branch 1-7 of the Polish Alliance of Canada and Polish Association of Toronto, Limited Court-appointed Receivership 2014-06-20
Carrington Homes Ltd. Bankruptcy 2013-12-10
CHF Bankruptcy 2015-10-27
Dang Variety Store and Gas Bar and Lucky Restaurant Inc. Court-appointed Receivership 2016-06-16
Dunsire (Landsdown) Inc. Court-appointed Receivership 2017-12-06
Global Mills Inc. Court-appointed Receivership 2014-04-10
Global Mills Inc. Bankruptcy 2015-06-12
Jade-Kennedy Development Corporation Construction Lien Act Trustee 2015-02-11
Martin Ross Group Inc. CCAA Monitor 2014-08-07
Nordic Gold Salmon Products Ltd. Bankruptcy 2014-07-22
Patisserie Monaco Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-12-07
Sean Teperman Consulting Corp. Division I Proposal 2017-09-18
Silicon Knights Inc. Bankruptcy 2014-05-16
Sport Alliance of Ontario Bankruptcy 2015-04-10
Victorian Order Of Nurses For Canada
Victorian Order Of Nurses For Canada - Eastern Region
Victorian Order Of Nurses For Canada - Western Region
CCAA Monitor 2015-11-25
Victorian Order Of Nurses For Canada
Victorian Order Of Nurses For Canada - Eastern Region
Victorian Order Of Nurses For Canada - Western Region
Court-appointed Receivership 2015-11-25
West Mall Holdings Ltd. Court-appointed Receivership 2015-02-03
Wynford Professional Centre Ltd. Bankruptcy 2015-06-23
Wynford Professional Centre Ltd. Court-appointed Receivership 2014-04-02
Bryan A. Tannenbaum


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